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SGT Rock
2003-09-27, 13:44
I'm putting the call out to see if anyone out there may be able to help me here.

In our area we have about 55 schools ranging from technical schools to elementery schools. Some are all male, some all female, and a few are mixed gender. These schools also range from good condition to barely usable.

The Regiment is trying to find schools back in the states that would be interested in an adopt a school program. They would like to establish communications between the schools to foster friendship and understanding between the countries, but they also need help with supplies like paper, pencils, etc.

If you work at a school or know someone that does, please pass this request on. I will be the point of contact for anyone interested. We are also asking for individual donations if people are so moved to do it. We are making a difference in our area. The local Iraqis are becoming great allies here and this can only help!

Here is a story to illustrate my point:

Yesterday a terrorist placed a bomb right beside our main route for this camp. It was a pretty damn big one and would have most likely killed a few soldiers. The locals saw the man do it and a few of them immediately came down and reported it.

My troop sent a patrol down to the site and they were immediately surrounded by the people that had witnessed it being placed. We were able to get it blown up, actually got a lead on the bomber, then found three more of the same type of explosives based on their help. The locals in our area want to be friends and help us despite what has happened in the past.

Zero Day
2003-10-01, 20:55
Cool Idea. I know the Principal at a local middle School, I could run it past him. Be advised that with No Child Left Behind and state budget cuts we have our own set of problems (nothing like what you are seeing, but nevertheless real to our parents). Being an former military man myself, are you sure we can go VFR direct (that is an Air Force term) on this or will the State Department or some other department care? Will we be able to get photographs of the school we are going to adopt?

SGT Rock
2003-10-02, 09:30
Yes we can go direct. One school from the Ft Polk area is already tied in. They have tasked the unit commanders to find more, which is a little hard since they are over here. I figured the school cutbacks would proclude them from doing anything from their own budget, but maybe they could have a donation drive or something in their neighborhoods.

2003-10-02, 19:49
Supporting Schools

Last week the commander asked for help in a new initiative to support Iraqi schools. A lot of people have expressed an interest and have been asking how to go about doing this.

First the kids could probably use some of the following items: pencils, pens, paper, calculators, English/Arabic dictionaries, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, coloring books, chalk (for the teachers), and any other school supplies you can think of like folders and such.

To get the supplies here for now, you can mail them to:

CPT Mescall
School Program
G/2/2 ACR
Unit 92378
APOAE 09322-2378

Please write us and tell us about your school (if you are representing one) and what kind of school you are interested in supporting we have 50 different schools and feel that we can help by coordinating schools of similar types to be partners. We will set partner schools if you are interested using the US postal system for now since the Iraqi postal system is still not working at an acceptable level. We hope to set up some long-term contact between Americans and Iraqis.

Some businesses have also expressed interest in helping financially as well as sending supplies, or to send money to buy supplies instead of wasting a large part of the money on postage. We will look into how we can do this, but for now we would rather not handle money.