View Full Version : Childers creek to Towee creek

2012-09-07, 13:12
I am going to be hiking from Hiwassee river to Tellico river soon. I am wondering if the BMT from Childers creek to Towee creek is right beside the road heading towards the powerhouse or is it off the road aways, as in the road is not really visible?

SGT Rock
2012-09-07, 13:40
Some of all of that. From Childers Creek to Big Bend you are no where near a road - a very nice, easy section. From Big Bend To Towee Creek you are right beside the road and I prefer walking the road for most of that section. Past Towee Creek the trail gets away from the road, but I prefer to walk the old BMT down the road to the powerhouse and then take the old BMT trail under the foot bridge. It links back up with the true BMT near Wildcat Creek. The mileages are about the same if you take the old BMT in that section.

2012-09-07, 13:55
I was also thinking of staying on the old section of the Bmt. looking at the map it looks like the rerouted section just cuts off going around a bend in the river. It looks like that would also save some climbing as well.

SGT Rock
2012-09-07, 15:59
yes it will. There are not any good views from the new section, but the old section is easier and you can walk out on the bridge at the power station if it is open.