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2003-01-09, 21:54
what stuff have you seen in others packs that should not be taken on a thru-hike ............ WHYH (were hiking your hike)

2003-01-09, 22:29
A radio. I don't mean a little transistor, I mean a big ass ghetto blaster, the kind that takes 12 D cell batteries. Planned to carry it to Katahdin!
But hey, it's their knee's not mine. Personally my pack weighed in at 58 lbs at Neels Gap. I sent a lot of it home but still carried 50 lbs to Damascus. Never ever again.

2003-01-10, 09:17
I suspect that everyone carries at least one item of "Luxury Gear."

For some, it may be a big radio. I saw someone lugging a big video camera once through the whites.

2003-01-10, 10:02
A video camera might be worth it!

2003-01-11, 01:05
Hey Redbeard- there are several digital camcorders that weigh in between 1-2 lbs. Tiny little things, with big price tags.

It might be neat to record your journey in this way.

There was a group who did this a few years back and an awsome video was put together out of the footage they shot. (They have a great discussion on figuring out how many miles they had done for the day. LOL)

2003-01-11, 09:53
Just think of the Blackmail! Give me your snickers or I'll show this video at TrailDaze!

2003-01-11, 10:10
Word of caution on taking digital cameras on the trail, ziplock bags do not protect them from heavy rains. We learned that the hard way. Water kills them.

If anyone has used digital cameras on the trail, how did you protect them from getting wet?

2003-01-11, 13:09
I'm carrying a little (5oz) digital with me this year. I'm using a pint size freezer strength ziplock and inside the bag I have 2 - 3 of those dessicant packets that ship with new electronic gadgets. While hiking I keepy the whole thing in a zippered pouch that is somewhat water tight. I know there's no guarantee that moisture won't seep into the bag. Guess that's just one of those things I'm going to have to check on a regular basis.

2003-01-11, 14:25
That sounds like a good idea, the little dessicant packets, I was wondering if actually :eek: double bagging might not help. (Sarge will hollar about extra weight there....lol)

Wander Yonder
2003-01-11, 18:19
I will be carrying a guide to wild mushrooms that weighs a pound. Ouch! I think I may have to give up carrying the camera for the book. Terrible choice!

2003-01-11, 19:47
Originally posted by Redbeard
Just think of the Blackmail! Give me your snickers or I'll show this video at TrailDaze!

Well, after watching Turkey Bacon in the Talent Show last year, I'd think that a trail video would fit right in.

2003-01-13, 00:15
I think TB was very proud of his "talent". That's why he went up there in the first place. :D