View Full Version : 1000 calories in 100 minutes

2003-10-03, 09:32
Yesterday I burned 1000 calories in 100 minutes on an elliptical trainer.

Is there some exercise/machine that will burn calories faster?

Jim Henderson
2003-10-03, 12:39
I got Dunlops disease, "de belly done lopped over de belt" so I am no Jack Lalane, but I have burned about 400 calories in 20 minutes on a stationary bicycle(that's what the computer said) which is a faster rate than 1,000 in 100 minutes. But that isn't what is important. The key is to exercise all the time and work up a little sweat.

Burning calories isn't important in the short haul since you will probably eat it back later. Burning calories is more important over the long haul and you don't need to burn it that fast. Why do you need to burn more than 1,000 calories per 100 minutes?

Most of us would do fine having a 2 or 3 mile walk every day. Easy to do, costs almost nothing and doesn't hurt anything, and you won't be as hungry as a horse when you are done.

Like I said I am a creampuff, so don't take my fitness advice too strongly unless you just want to get into a little better shape, not run a marathon.

Jim Henderson

2003-10-03, 17:25
Thats right - its not so much the calories you BURN (though that is a key component) but rather how many calories you take in.

Raise your heart rate for 30+ minutes a day and eat right, and youll get rid of the bad stuff faster than if you focus only on your caloric burn rates.