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2012-10-07, 09:46
it was a beautiful day on saturday morning here some pics from our faraging hike the local lane:




and some non edibles but pretty:


thanks for looking.

SGT Rock
2012-10-07, 14:13
What sort of trail system do they have in the UK?

2012-10-07, 14:41
What sort of trail system do they have in the UK?

Nothing like as good as you lucky guys have ,we have a few nice longer distance 'paths' but they dont have stop over free campsites like you guys seem to have as a consequence a lot of us just plan a route on a map and do that.all our countryside is covered in paths that are short some merely short cuts across hills or fields to places,glue a few of those together and you could in theory never stop! the last government proudly unveiled a coastal path that goes all the way around the UK,but in reality it is just a joining of hundreds of paths that were there before the normans invaded a thousand years ago.
There are a few other longer distance routes like the the 'Monarchs way' which is Britain's second longest signed walking trail. A total of 610 miles , this historic route uses footpaths and bridleways to follow Charles II's escape route after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. For 6 exciting weeks, and hotly pursued by the Parliamentary forces under Oliver Cromwell, the king travelled first north, then south, through the Cotswolds and the Mendips to the South Coast, and finally along the South Downs to Shoreham Harbour where he made the escape to France.
There are also what we call 'droves' these are always along hill tops or ridges often connecting market towns and date back many thousands of years to way before the Romans got here,theres a couple near here, the 'Ox drove' and the 'shaftesbury drove'.

Ox drove at wingreen hill:

shaftesbury drove:

2012-10-07, 14:55
The good thing about short paths is, there always is a place to stop for a pint.

2012-10-07, 15:20
yep cant beat a nice warm ale on a hot day!

SGT Rock
2012-10-07, 15:52
That sounds like a good way to walk.

john pickett
2012-10-07, 16:11
"cant beat a nice warm ale on a hot day"
Sure you can! With a cold one!

2012-10-15, 23:48
These trail has attraction for those who like to see natural view during hiking. Hiking is more enjoyable when it occur at clear, dry and shining day. Is there any other mountain spot for family hiking? Basically we go on hiking once in a week to get together.

2012-10-16, 05:23
I don't think engrish is his first language.

2012-10-16, 07:31
I don't think engrish is his first language.

I think I've talked to him when I was calling customer service.

2012-10-16, 19:02
I think I've talked to him when I was calling customer service.

Me too, I think that's Chip!!

2012-10-16, 19:09
I always end up with Peggy. :argh: