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2003-10-03, 13:51
Hi Sarge,
A lady named Connie cut my hair today and mentioned that her grandson was injured in an attack on a Bradley near Tikrit recently. She said the last time the family heard from him was over a week and a half ago. She and her family would very much like to hear from him. I tried to reassure her that he is in the best care possible and probably has to go through a lot of bureaucratic BS and good old hurry up and wait before he ships home. But she was telling me this as she was shaving my throat with a straight razor, and she did seem a little nervous.
I know you're very busy over there, but if there's any way possible, could you locate him, and maybe leave a message here, or get him to call home? Of course he may not even be there anymore.
His name is Nick Bruhn. She said he's with the 4th Infantry.

2003-10-03, 14:20
Hiya ridgerunner,
I'm sure SGT Rock will be back in here sometime tomorrow, but I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of maps in here (I know how you hiking people loooovvvveeee maps...LOL). I'm not going to say that it isn't possible for him to find out anything, but highly unlikely.

Also please pass this number along to her, this is the Army's Patient info number... The Army's Public Information "Hot Line" is 1-800-833-6622. She should be able to find out where her grandson is in the system by calling that number. I hope she hears from him soon.

This is the map of Iraq that I found on the foxnews website...

2003-10-03, 14:21
Ok and one more picture, this one is the city of Baghdad...

2003-10-04, 02:34
Yeah I realize my request is one of those needle in a haystack situations, but ya neva know till ya ax, right? As she explains it, Nick was barely out of high school when he joined, about nineteen. Been there since day one. I imagine he's probably a lot older now...

2003-10-04, 08:53
That's ok I understand the feeling. Do give her that "hot line" number though, I'm sure she can get the info she's looking for from there. At least that way she'll know where he is and what his status is.

SGT Rock
2003-10-06, 01:43
I can try, but without a social security number and a unit it would be very hard to track him down at all. It would also help to at least know when he was hit.

I will see if I can do anything though.

2003-10-06, 10:48
I appreciate it Sarge. I did fwd the phone number Dixiecritter gave. I won't have a chance to talk to her personally until tomorrow for anymore info. I don't think it would be a good idea to post his ssn# though. I don't really know the lady anyway, and wouldn't want her thinking I had other than honorable intentions. I will ask her what unit and date of incident. If I do get his ssn, I'll send it directly to Dixiecritter to fwd to you more privately. As far as I know, they still haven't heard anything.

Here's hopin' you and Dixie get an R&R real soon.

2003-10-09, 11:54
Connie has just informed me that her grandson is due to return home today. And her grandson's wife is very appreciative of the phone number. She says she will keep it handy for the next time he goes over. So it sounds like his injuries weren't too serious. Connie said, "he's not even home yet, and he can't wait to get back to work".
Now that's a soldier!:cool: