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2003-10-03, 14:42
I've had requests for me to post some of SGT Rock's photos he's taken over there, so I thought about it long and hard. My policy will be to only post pictures with him alone in them, pics with just scenery, and possibly pics where you can't really tell who the people in the photo are due to how far away the photographer was.

I don't have all of his pictures in digital format, but I do currently have two rolls of film that I did get digitals of, and more film on it's way to me as I type this. I hope that you will all enjoy these.

Also I don't have any idea what most of the pictures are, as I get the film in the mail with zero explainations on most of it. I can't wait for him to get home so we can go thru the book I'm making for him and he can tell me about his pictures.

2003-10-03, 14:55
This place seems to be one of his favorites...

SGT Rock>> This is the street where Saddam held his parades - the sabers are the war memorial for the Iran/Iraq war. Because the Cav insigina is crossed sabers, this is the favorite place for Ghost Troop Re-Ups: The bigest crossed sabers in the world

2003-10-03, 14:58
Here he is at the base of that place....

SGT Rock>> Each helmet is supposed to represent a soldier lost in the war with Iran.

2003-10-03, 15:00
Go Ghostriders!!

SGT Rock>> We made this from some old junk. CPL Horta is the artist.

2003-10-03, 15:01

SGT Rock>> These are the scout trucks waiting to go into maintenance.

2003-10-03, 15:03
Very large ants...

SGT Rock>> Yes they are.

2003-10-03, 15:04
Not really sure other than a trailer of some kind...

SGT Rock>> This is the extrmely large back up generator.

2003-10-03, 15:06

SGT Rock>> This is a date palm in my troop area. I want to hang a hammock from it very soon.

2003-10-03, 15:07

SGT Rock>> this is the fountain in front of 2d Squadron HQ. Notice the colors are now red and white.

2003-10-03, 15:08
A view of the city...

SGT Rock>> Loking south from our HQ to downtown Baghdad.

2003-10-03, 15:10
A street, probably a patrol...

SGT Rock>> This was actually during a raid that turned out to be an Elvis Sighting.

2003-10-03, 15:11
Another street shot, probably another patrol...

SGT Rock>> Actually this is a shot of the CO paying a bribe of a large bag of money to someone that actually didn't know anything. But thankfully a large bag of money here is only worth about $5.

2003-10-03, 15:12
Dog comes for a visit...

SGT Rock>> This is Willy the dog. He sort of hang around until he met a girl dog. He thought he was in Ghost Troop. Thankfully he left on his own because we got an order to shoot all the dogs on camp.

2003-10-03, 15:13
Not really sure beyond knowing this is some buildings somewhere...

SGT Rock>> This was when they were building our showers. Those tanks are the septic tanks.

2003-10-03, 15:14
More buildings...

SGT Rock>> This is the Squadron HQ. Tallest building in the sector. It is the HQ of the Iraqi cigarette factory we now use as a base.

2003-10-03, 15:15
Last one for now. More buildings...

SGT Rock>> The building with the HMMWVs in front is our barracks - a converted cigarette warehouse.