View Full Version : Slept in the rain forest?

Summit Boy
2003-10-11, 00:38
HELP! I'm taking my HH Explorer Ultralight Asym to the rain forest of Panama in February. I typically use a four-season tent or ID bivy on my home turf (Colorado), so I have no idea what will keep me comfy in Panama. We'll be camping at elevations between sea level and about 2,000 feet in Panama. Will a mil-spec poncho liner alone keep me warm in the Panamanian rain forest, without a pad underneath me? Thanks!

SGT Rock
2003-10-11, 05:04
I imagine Panama would be very much like a Louisnana summer. I found that sometimes even a pncho liner was too mcu. I would reccomend bringing one just in case, the thinsulate ones are lighter than the issue ones I have been told, so I have been thinking of getting one for myself. I would reccomed spraying the bottom of the hammock with pymethrin (sp?) because some of the bigger nastier skeeters might be bale to nail you through the material if you are sleeping without a pad under you.

Good luck and hope you have fun!

2003-10-11, 09:21
yeah, sarge is right about panama being like louisiana in the summer. i did some slogging in those jungles years ago (around the canal zone) and three things are etched in my mind, HUMIDITY, MOSQUITOES and BATS. i don't remember ever being chilled. however, you might catch a chill at elevation, but i don't think 2000ft. will make much of a difference in those latitudes. especially heed sarge's warning about the skeeters!

having said the above, i wish i were going with you!

Summit Boy
2003-10-11, 22:03
Thank you, SGT Rock and Chief. I appreciate your input. I'll treat my hammock bottom with Permethrin, and take a Thinsulate poncho liner just in case.

This is a great web site!!!