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2012-10-19, 19:23
A glorious day here in Hiawassee. The colors are close to their peak, the sky was clear, but the haze blended the colors to give the landscape an unusual but beautiful appearance. The breeze was steady and gave the lake almost whitecaps and lines of spindrift from the fallen leaves. 40s in the mornings and 60s in the day. The Bream are skillfully cleaning the worms off my hooks which relieves me of the necessity of getting the hooks out of their mouths. Hobo Island is clean and inviting. Marta says we will be having meteor shower out of Orion soon. My cider concentrate is in its keg and ageing. Maybe even 3 months. God is in his heaven and the stars are faithfully following their orbits.

So with such joy, should I be concerned that another shoe is about to drop?

2012-10-19, 19:33
Just enjoy it as it comes along. Sufficient unto the day and all that jazz.

Big Mac
2012-10-19, 19:35
He'll yeah. Heading into the woods tonight. Fall colors are peaking right now, meteor shower tomorrow night, and a campsite right next to the lake that you have to walk into. All will be well in the world.

2012-10-19, 20:16
The colors are gorgeous right now,on the drive up to Cleveland, TN. I imagine they will be that way for another couple of weeks.

Nearly Normal
2012-10-19, 22:25
The tall marsh grass is yellows and golds and the last couple cool snaps has shot it with reds...just a little.

2012-10-20, 19:00
My little springer has style. She has been flushing birds like a pro. She needs a little tuning on how close to stay to me though. I love training puppies.