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2012-10-22, 04:28
what are the differences of formal and semi formal shoes? I would like to buy a pair of mens black shoes which has the comfort of casual shoes from the inside as I also have very sensitive feet and require to safe guard my feet as they get blistered very fast.

Big Mac
2012-10-22, 07:49
I can not possibly answer all these shoe questions.

2012-10-22, 08:17
If I'd known there was going to be a quiz I would have studied.

2012-10-22, 09:03
Formal shoes are white.

2012-10-22, 09:07
Formal shoes are white.

Only in NO. Around here formal shoes are sneakers.:angel:

Hog On Ice
2012-10-22, 09:11
shoes??? wtf are those things

2012-10-22, 09:35
What's the deal with the shoe spam....

And they don't even link to their bogus shoe site.

So they're stupid shoe spammers, not just shoe spammers.

Hog On Ice
2012-10-22, 10:26
its a trick to get one to click on the ICQ link

john pickett
2012-10-22, 11:11
What's ICQ? A "C" level IQ? :=0

Hog On Ice
2012-10-22, 11:23
its an instant messaging system - one of the older ones IMO

2012-10-22, 12:33
Spam...spam...glorious SPAM!!!!

2012-10-22, 13:39

2012-10-22, 16:55
Into "Shoe Freaks" for you!

2012-10-22, 16:59
Formal shoes are white.

Only until Labor Day.

Big Mac
2012-10-22, 17:25
Skids would know, he is very careful about when he wears his heels.

2012-10-22, 17:41
Damn skippy.