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2003-10-13, 17:39
I"m planning a hike in April to this area, which I picked over the Fed. website and some info I got on BackPacker Mag. I was wondering if any hikers out there have any experience in this area and would like to share thoughts/suggestions...I'll be traveling down from Alaska for this hike I cannot take the Airzona heat and would like to avoid the rainy season, that is if Airzona has one..any help would be greatly appreciated...thnx, Oneriver

2003-10-14, 12:16
Try this.

Begging for the Blues (http://www.grandcanyonbsa.org/hikes/blue.html) :D


2003-10-14, 16:48
Thanks Doc....That helps in my planning...I wanna stay gone for a couple of weeks so with the trail info from your suggested web site I should be able to plan a good trip..acording to the local Fed. no permits are required for that area...any reason to stay on the trails..? Sometimes I like to shoot my own course..Being a firearms enthusiast sometimes I like to pack heat, can you tell me anything about an out-of-stater carrying a firearm in Arizona out in the bush..?

2003-10-14, 21:37
AZ carry laws - Plus (http://www.azccw.com/ccwinfo.htm)

scroll down to AZ law links (http://www.gunlaws.com/links/linksaz.htm)

Shootin' back at ya

2003-10-15, 09:09
Thnx 4 the great info....April can't come soon enough...I'm getting island fever up here.

2003-10-15, 12:54
wish I was going with ya but alas,, gotta teach.