View Full Version : Hiking in PA question

Tin Man
2012-11-02, 13:19
I got a hiking question. Seriously. I know, I know, why would a packsniffer like me ask a hiking question, especially here? I will try despite the odds...

Bartender and I have section hiked sobo to PA 183, which is the next road crossing south of Port Clinton. Where are these PA Rocks I keep hearing about? Are they south of PA 183?

2012-11-02, 13:43
you could always go ask Rain Man puke: on WB since he just did some of Pa

Tin Man
2012-11-02, 14:21
I like it when hikers post their face pics. Makes it easier to know who to avoid...

2012-11-10, 00:20
What pa rocks? There are some awesome formations in Allegheny.