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2012-11-09, 19:59

I met Hikerhead at Oconee State Park in South Carolina, there we left one car then drove to the Warwoman Dell in Georgia to hang a food cache and on to Franklin North Carolina to meet our shuttle. We arrived at the Buckeye Creek trailhead around 5:00PM to begin our hike on Bartram Trail.


We would begin this hike in North Carolina and hike 19-miles to the Georgia state line then continue for 36.5-miles to the Hwy 28 Bridge crossing the Chattooga River into South Carolina and taking the Chattooga River trail for 4-miles finally picking up the Foothills Trail for 8 miles to our car in Oconee SP. Total miles 68.5.

The weather forecast was about as perfect as anyone could ask for in the fall in the southeast; warm days with nights in the low to mid 30’s. I packed accordingly and soon found I didn’t need the additional insulation, the first night was the coldest, inside my tent it was 48°F…I awoke to a Sweat-Fest!

From the beginning of this section of the Bartram the trail is well maintained with appropriately placed switchbacks making the climbs easy. And long ridge walks with views of the valley below splashed with fall color.

another school bus lost in he woods





Hunting season is open in the southeast, we met two fine dogs on the trail this Redbone and a black and white Walker both had been hunting bears…oh my. Their owner was in the parking lot when I crossed over Hwy 107, he was tracking the dogs with a hand held antenna and each dog wore a small transmitter. We would see more of their kind later on.

Flossy here was with her owners and eager to get after squirrels, she wouldn’t be the last hunting dog we would encounter.

Observation tower on Rabun Bald, at 4,696-feet is Georgia’s second highest in elevation. Don said we camped over yonner.


Breakfast at Martin Creek Falls

Warwoman Dell “The Warwoman was a beloved Cherokee dignitary who voiced the decision of the Council on war and peace. These “pretty women” had the power to decide the fate of captives. Legend states each spring this woman visited the Dell to preside over rituals.” Information obtained from the USFS sign at the Dell.

We did good, bears didn’t find the food cache.


The Hwy 28 Bridge crossing the Chattooga River into South Carolina.

Trail marker at the ending/beginning of the Bartram Trail in Georgia

Entering South Carolina on the Chattooga River Trail


Who could pass up a campsite with chairs and a view of the river?

This dog won’t hunt, but his counterparts were hot on the scent of a bear and we were caught up in the middle of a hunt.

Move over and let ‘m boys get on by, there’s a bear up a tree…hear ‘m dogs

Oconee SP and the end of a GREAT HIKE with GREAT WEATHER and a GREAT HIKING PARTNER…he was already in the car with food on his mind.

more photos here

2012-11-09, 20:32
as usual your suckatude is right up there with Mags. Great report!!!

SGT Rock
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Hog On Ice
2012-11-09, 21:19
Hey Jermm - how are the knees?

2012-11-09, 21:24
Hey Jermm - how are the knees?

they're doing fine thanks, no pain or swelling at all on the Bartram and none after I returned home.

2012-11-09, 21:51
Great report. wait for it

you suck

2012-11-09, 22:07
Definite suckage.

Nearly Normal
2012-11-10, 02:20
That's a good area and I hope to get back up there when the leaves are down.
Nice pics.
Thanks for sharing.

2012-11-10, 15:17
So a couple dogs and one garter snake but no copperheads?

Trying to ruin your reputation or what?

john pickett
2012-11-10, 15:18
Damn! I miss the southeast!

2012-11-10, 16:39
So a couple dogs and one garter snake but no copperheads?

Trying to ruin your reputation or what?

That's probably a good thing. I don't killing snakes is permitted on the BMT, or any other trail. :albertein

Hog On Ice
2012-11-10, 16:42
besides that shovel has got to weigh about as much as her pack

2012-11-10, 16:45
....and Rain Man might catch her!

2012-11-10, 17:13
We can only hope Rain Man catches her with a shovel In her hands.

2012-11-10, 18:46
Excellent report. I love that area.