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2003-10-19, 13:56
This happened to me in late September on the Long Trail Funniest thing that's ever happened to me while hiking. I spent the night at Corliss Camp. About 7 am I went to use the privy. Somehow the latch on the outside of the door shut while I was in there. Didn't hear anyone walk by -- guess it just got caught in the up position before I shut the door. There were 4 other people in the shelter or camped nearby, so being locked in the privy wasn't really a dangerous thing. But it was a little disconcerting. What to do? I could yell for someone to come let me out. I could wait until someone else needed to use the privy, and as they opened the door, I could yell "Boo!". Or I could look for a way to unlatch the door from the inside. Preferring not to disturb the peace, I took out my swiss army knife (now I know why it's always in my pocket) and tried to reach through the door crack and lift the latch. At first it seemed impossible because the blade was too short, but finally I managed to hit the latch and lift it. Free at last!

2003-10-19, 21:27
LOL I also got locked in a privy once In Michigan when I was about 12
My father still wont let me live that one down!! LOL Glad you made it out ok!! Anybody that ventures into the woods should always have a knife on their person!!! Streamweaver

Jim Henderson
2003-10-20, 17:13
My son is a Boy scout. He has gone to several boy scout camps. There is one kid who for some strange reason enjoys dancing on the top of the toilet platform of the privy, otherwise known as a Kybo(I have no clue). TWICE, he has fallen down into the black water tank underneath the Kybo. Once he spent the night there.

Don't know what goes thru this kid's mind(if he has one) when he is doing this, especially since he has fallen in twice in just a a few months time.

My son gets a laugh and every one calls that kid the Kybo Diver.

Jim Henderson

2003-11-18, 13:54
Can't say I've ever locked myself in a loo. Then again, my trail mistakes are normally more costly, like leaving behind equipment (normally nothing big, but I did lose a $200 camera tripod once). I guess I'd rather have an embarrassing story than be out $200!

Pencil Pusher
2004-07-25, 00:44
A friend and I cooked and ate our dinner together in a privy. It was the only place out of the wind for the stove. Thankfully it was the end of the season and nobody had been up there in a while, so I smelled nothing. To add insult to injury, we used up all our fuel trying to melt this hard snow-ice which was rather disgusting looking, so we boiled it. There was no snow to be had, it was late in the season.
Some of these newer forest service toilets I see at the trailhead could accomodate four guys for an out-of-the-weather bivy. I imagine they cost a pretty taxpayer penny, but they're huge and well built.
Oh yeah, there's some privies up on this local mountain here, at about 10,000 ft. They've got a few NPS shacks up there too and a hut for the hikers/climbers. Anyhow, one of the privies has a wooden handicap ramp leading up to the door. Inside this special privy is a folding wheelchair hanging up on the wall. This is about four or five thousand vertical feet and several miles hike from the cars and road. It's sorta like the braille you see on drive-thru ATMs.

2004-08-01, 15:51
I just leave the door open. Not that I am afraid of being locked in; it is more to enjoy the fresh air.

2004-08-02, 11:16
Had the door tied shut when I was in the boy scouts, just kids having fun. Several years later in the Navy some drunks atempted to tie me up in my rack. I always carry a knife.