View Full Version : Annual Jewelry By Wonder Plug/Hobo Sale

2012-11-22, 21:37
Hey y'all! Since some of my best customers are hobos, I figured I'd offer a special "Hobo Discount" on my website. My Facebook Fans are getting 10% off for tomorrow, but I'm giving y'all 15% off all weekend! If you go to my website www.jewelrybywonder.etsy.com or www.jewelrybywonder.com (and follow link) you can use coupon code HOBO15 at check out! This years designs will go live on my site at midnight. Thank you all for your support over the years!!! I wouldn't have the business I have now if it wasn't for my hiker friends being there for me in the beginning! Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!


2012-11-22, 21:50
I'll check out the site tomorrow, but I wanted you to know that I brought only 2 pairs of earrings on vacation, one is from you!!!

2012-11-22, 21:52
Awwww....Thank You!!!!