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2012-11-24, 10:17
Whilst the wildlife and countryside act made it against uk law (policy) in the late 1950's there could come a time when you may need to shoot and kill an animal with a bow or crossbow,under which circumstance your doing so would be very good mitigating circumstance in the highly unlikely event of the cps sending your file to the courts.
A lot of folk dont understand hunting with a bow or xbow and how it kills an animal,firstly a field point is just a pointed end to your arrow is highly unlikely to kill your intended meal and will only cause a lot of suffering to the beast,this is not good for the meat or your chances of finding it either,the animal will make off for safety at speed and will leave little blood trail for you to follow as the shaft is plugging the wound.What is needed is a broadhead,this is in effectively a flying knife blade,it causes a lot of hemorrhaging and the animal will be down in 20 or so yards,bleeding profusely it will leave a good blood trail to follow,then if not dead the animal can be quickly killed with a swift slice to its carroted artery.
In a shtf scenario the chances are you wont have a set of broadheads ready for use,so here is an easy way to make some very effective broadheads from just a teaspoon.

Firstly grab a teaspoon when the wife isnt looking:


then flatten it with a hammer:


next mark the shape out ready for cutting:


then cut with tin snips,cutting disk or hacksaw:


now you have a broadhead blank cut to shape:


Now cut the gandle off leaving enough to use for mounting on your arrow:


Next round the tang and sharpen the cutting edges of your broadhead:


and there you have it one very sharp and very effective broadhead:


It would be every bit as effective as any of my collection:


and these Atlatl heads made from bison bone and flint:


It might be a good idea to make a half dozen and keep in your survival kit of grab bag.

thanks for looking.

2012-11-24, 18:28
I want you on my side when the shtf.

2012-11-24, 19:04
Nice job. If you use a silver spoon they will work on werewolves. I hear they favor London.

2012-11-24, 19:06
His hair was perfect.

2012-11-24, 19:10

SGT Rock
2012-11-24, 19:37
Nice project. I wouldn't let your wife see that though.

2012-11-25, 05:28
too late now she is searching the shed for other stuff,hope she dont see the fishing lures made of her spoons too!