View Full Version : Does Vaseline help against cold?

2003-10-31, 21:46
I will be working for 2-3 hours outside in 25-30 degree (Fahrenheit) weather. My fingers and hands will be exposed during the entire time (I will be controlling finely tuned dials, joy sticks, etc.).

What will help to reduce the cold? Does Vaseline?

Hog On Ice
2003-11-01, 03:54
one possibility that I thought of was to use latex gloves from a first aid kit with a fingertipless over glove

2003-11-01, 17:04
Thats what I (and alot of other fishermen) use for fishing in the winter. first I coat my hands with a layer of vasaline ,then put on a pair of latex gloves and over that I wear fingerless fleece gloves.Ive used this setup in temps down to about 10 degrees F + whatever the windchill was. Streamweaver

If Lefty Kreh says it is so, Then it is so!!!

2003-11-04, 01:04
Can you use light weight wind-proof gloves?


2003-11-04, 07:21
Latex & petroleum products don't usually mix without severe breakdown. How long do the gloves usually last in contact with Vaseline?