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2003-11-09, 22:44
I hope this doesn't sound too sentimental, but I just wanted to thank Rock and all our military guys envovled with the Irak situation for the great job they are doing. Don't want to insult any of my fellow Vietnam era vets, but you guys seem to bring a certain level of professionalisn to your task that was not always present when I was in the military. I call myself a Vietnam era vet because even though technically I was "in country", I was a REF(rear echelon... er fellow) bigtime, although I did get shot at a few times. Buddhas' recent post was deja vue all over again for me because I lost some friends in Vietnam. However, I feel that, given the current Commander-in-Chief's attitude, it is probable we will be heavily envolved with Irak at least untill next November. Not much any of us can do to change that situation apparently. I know two people who were sent to Irak, one a heating/ac tech for the Air Force, and the other a prison guard at Folsom prison, near where I live, who became an Army reserve truck driver in Irak. Big scary looking guy with tattoos(looks more like a prisoner actually), said he lost 15 lbs in Iraq so now he's down to 220lbs(he's 5' 11"). They are both back now and in fairly good shape, although they both lost weight. Anyway I know that you guys are doing the best job you can under difficult situations and I hope you all come back in one piece as soon as possible.

SGT Rock
2003-11-20, 09:32
Thanks for the compliment. I get a chance to see the news and it isn't as bad over here as they make it sound. As usual, the death toll makes the stories instead of the facts and factions over here that people should be informed about. I venture to say you will see more about a magician getting mauled or a rock star getting arested in the news more than you will ever see anything about the Sady Bureau or about the real current strength of ther terrorists we are facing over here. Seems funny that you chance of getting mauled by a tiger or molested by a rock star is lower than knowing someone that may be over here or have to come over here, yet the big news are the things that are really the least important.