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Hog On Ice
2012-12-24, 14:19
I ran into a blog from an old timer that I had lost track of : Gardenville - a lot of interesting very light DIY gear - http://ultraliteskunkworks.blogspot.co.uk/

SGT Rock
2012-12-24, 14:40
I remember that site. Cuben hammock LOL.

Hog On Ice
2012-12-24, 15:09
I wonder how his worked out over the years - I think he made one about six years ago

SGT Rock
2012-12-24, 15:20
I'm interested to know as well. Even if mine had been more durable I don't know that cuben fiber is a great material for hammocks. I've turned my old hammock into a poncho based on Zpacks poncho/groundcloth: http://www.zpacks.com/accessories/groundsheet_poncho.shtml

And with some slight modifications it works well as a hammock cover when needed. I need to take some pictures, that yellow is kind of ugly.

SGT Rock
2012-12-24, 17:27
A quick picture

Hog On Ice
2012-12-24, 17:41
zippers for the sides too?

SGT Rock
2012-12-24, 17:54
Yes, it isn't a wide poncho, so those keep it down. You can open them up from the top for ventilation, or close them up for blowing rain. I plan to make a video for it at some point, but I need a hammock stand for it LOL.

Hog On Ice
2012-12-24, 17:57
well there is always the portable stand - I think you said you were thinking of upgrading it to the slanted pole approach

SGT Rock
2012-12-24, 17:59
I will probably use the portable stand in the near future. Today it is raining so no outside videos today. But I want to build my permanent hammock stand soon.

Hog On Ice
2012-12-24, 18:01
yep - its always better for a video to not have too many different elements distracting the viewer

2012-12-25, 22:38
He had a design for a sub-2 lb external frame pack that would be beautiful for ventilation in summer heat. Gardenville has made some great stuff.