View Full Version : Bur resistant clothing

2003-12-08, 19:03
Hiking down in south east Florida we frequently find ourselves covered from head to toe with burs from a variety of plants. What is the best clothing material that resists these little hitchhikers? Thank you for your help

2003-12-15, 12:58
Denim might work, or nylon workout shells. You need a tough surfact that won't let the burrs latch on -- fleece and sweatpants will obviously be about the worst things you can hike with (other than maybe a floor-length fur coat).

2003-12-15, 15:31
You might try www.cabelas.com or www.basspro.com They sell burr resistant hunting clothes . The colthes sold for upland game (pheasant,quail etc) are usually very resistant to burs and such because this type of hunting is done in feilds with alot of that type of undergrowth. Streamweaver