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SGT Rock
2013-03-11, 14:48
I just finished this up today. I've been working on it a little whenever I had some time between shifts. I wanted something a little smaller for summer and a day pack. It ended up being a little larger than I planned.

A slightly smaller version of the Dream Pack. This one has some ultralight tweaks I figured out as I was making the other. The compression system on this one uses line locks and dynaglide instead of straps and ladder locks. It saves a couple grams per line/strap.

I'm experimenting with sternum "strap" and the lower half of the shoulder "straps" also using line locks and dynaglide. The top of the straps where you get the load are 2.5" wide so there is plenty to protect my shoulders. I figure the lower half doesn't actually come into contact with the wearers body in any load bearing way, so it should work. I've color coded the "straps" so that orange is compression, and green is shoulder strap.

The exterior pad sleeve on this is a straight rectangle so it would accept a folded standard pad and there is no interior pad pocket on this pack. The overall dimensions are slightly smaller, and the extension collar is a little shorter. Overall it is probably about 600ci less than the winter pack.

I also think I got the hip belt pockets closer to the right size. They may be a little smaller than I am use to, but I'll learn to deal with it.

For the most part the exterior pockets are about the same as the other pack, the side pockets are slightly smaller.

Here it is loaded up with my spring/fall level kit and about 2.5 days of food. I think I could get that kit and about 5-6 days of food in it.

It weighs 10.34 ounces. It would have been a little lighter but I decided to add the stay pockets to it in case I wanted to use the carbon fiber frame. Otherwise I would have got it in at about 10.18 ounces.

2013-03-11, 17:17
Send it to me and I will give you an evaluation.

I should be done by November.

2013-03-16, 23:50
Nice, very ULA-ish. R u gonna add a carbon hoop, like a Circuit?

SGT Rock
2013-03-17, 03:53
No. The stay seems to do fine by itself.

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