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SGT Rock
2013-03-14, 21:44
I forgot all about doing this, but my father just found it and sent it to me.


2013-03-14, 23:39

2013-03-15, 02:07
I'm so old they were just thinking about camo 1st ID patches when I wore the one. Guys liked the Big Red One as it was. They felt that the red one on the green background was enough camoflage. There was pride attached to the red one in those days. I had breakfast the other day at the four aces and there was a young E-6 at the next booth. He was wearing his fatigues with the camo-red one on his right shoulder. Useta was that recruiters wore class A uniform and dressed it up for the young wanabe troops. The owner of the 4 aces came over and offered free coffee to hiom and any guys he sent to the restaurant. Then he asked if he liked being a recruiter. The young E-6 smiled and said "I've pulled worse duty." I liked that.

2013-03-15, 06:04
Good stuff. Remember the good stuff.

john pickett
2013-03-15, 09:41
I never served overseas. My father-in-law volunteered for the army signal corps after Pearl Harbor. He had already served betwen the wars and would not have been drafted. My wife and her brother told me he would never discuss what his service was like. He would only shake his head and change the subject. After his death in 1984, my wife found developed film in his effects, one negative was Mussolini and his mistress hanging from a lamppost after their execution by partisans. My understanding was the bodies had been cut down before the allied soldiers arrived on the scene. My brother in law speculates his father may have been involved in intelligence in Italy.