View Full Version : Good news - Toccoa Riverside Restaurant Reopens

SGT Rock
2013-03-18, 12:23
I just got this today. The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant which is right on the BMT and one of my favorite stops has been re-built and is open again. You may remember that last year it burned to the ground. Here is a link to the new restaurant website: http://www.toccoariversiderestaurant.com/

2013-03-18, 14:39
How far off trail is this ?

SGT Rock
2013-03-18, 14:55
It is RIGHT beside the trail.

2013-03-18, 17:30
Been there. It's ON the trail. If you miss it, you need to get a new hobby.

Rock, was that Rebecca that owned that place? She still running it?

SGT Rock
2013-03-19, 06:54
I don't know the owner.

2013-03-19, 13:01
Wow, didn't know it had burned. I had a great meal there on my BMT hike. Chicken breast sandwich and a fruit plate.