View Full Version : BMT Annual Walk-Through

SGT Rock
2013-03-18, 12:48
The BMTA conducts and annual walk through of the trail to gain a snapshot in time of the trail conditions along the BMT. This year the walk-through is scheduled for April 20th 2013. If you are interested but cannot make that date, any time within a few weeks of the 20th is fine with us. It looks like the Georgia Sections are about all claimed, and there are plenty of sections in the Tennessee/North Carolina section that need covered.

If you are interested in helping us out this year, you can see what sections remain open by checking out this page: http://www.bmta.org/AnnualWalk-Thru.php

If you see a section you would like to hike or plan to hike in the near future, shoot us an e-mail at walk-thru@bmta.org

Thanks for your help!

2013-03-18, 15:41
I can't do the 20th, but I could manage other weekends. I'll let you know.

SGT Rock
2013-03-18, 15:44
Roger that. Did you get my e-mail?