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2013-03-27, 05:50
Here is a wonderful idea, reality, and metaphor...
Living Bridges...


Not sure what the application might be in trail maintenance in our region. I think for the most part trail maintenance is down well working with nature, mitigating against erosion, protecting and encouraging natural habitat, and using natural materials for bridges, steps, and railings where needed.

Are there any good examples where some of our structures are living? Any roots or branches or vines that could be trained? Up here I think all we can really do is encourage roots and branches, and then prune them where needed. Stuff tends to grow slower, so you would need to be very patient, and then there is always the dipshit that will eventually come along and drive over it with his Monster Truck or whatever.

Anyhow, food for thought. Could also be a useful metaphor, for bridging communities etc. Living bridges would be taking that one step further also. Natural living bridges, rather than artificial ones, government or corporate funded etc.