View Full Version : UCR's .... Thanks Sgt Rock

2013-04-05, 16:16
UCR's on my BB, not as light as I won't, but the DIY Hammock is next. Still a pretty good weight savings using the UCR's instead of the webbing/buckles that came with it.

SGT Rock
2013-04-06, 07:02
Looks good!

Hog On Ice
2013-04-06, 07:13
which color DynaGlide line is better for hammock supports - green or orange? I am thinking orange for visibility but the green is very bright also.

SGT Rock
2013-04-06, 07:15
I don't think it matters. After you use it in the elements a while it turns white.

Hog On Ice
2013-04-06, 07:17
true dat