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SGT Rock
2013-04-27, 09:34
Anyone seen this site before: http://www.geargrams.com

I do my gear list on a spread sheet, but if someone didn't have Excel and wanted to do a list or have it available on-line for some reason, this site is pretty cool.

I was able to do my summer list, then copy that stuff over and do my spring/fall and winter list based off that.

summer: http://www.geargrams.com/list?id=13039

Spring/fall: http://www.geargrams.com/list?id=13042

Winter: http://www.geargrams.com/list?id=13043

and do a list for a possible JMT hike next year:


2013-04-27, 09:56
we used it to log all of our gear then broke it down to Hamhocker's and my gear. Biggest problem is we change things out or get new items and forget to update our summer and winter list. It makes it a lot easier to use for people who have problems with spreadsheets

SGT Rock
2013-04-27, 10:51
That is always a problem for me even with my spreadsheet. Generally I update info before a hike or when working on a new piece of gear to see how it fits in my packing list.

2013-04-27, 13:09
How in the hell do you only have a 4 g difference bw summer and winter?

2013-04-27, 14:12
'Cause he eats nails and shits barbed wire! :-)

SGT Rock
2013-04-27, 15:43
Huh? I have a 25.85 pound winter pack with 5 days food and water, but my summer weight is 24.28 with 5 days food and water because I carry more water in the summer. That would be more than 4 grams. My winter base is about 12.1 pounds, and my summer base is about 8.29 pounds.

Now my Spring/Fall weight is 24.18 pounds with 5 days food and water, actually lighter than my summer weight because I don't carry as much water in those seasons. That would be about 45.34 grams difference I think between summer and spring/fall, maybe that is what you were looking at? My spring/fall base is about 10.43 pounds.

2013-04-27, 16:28
Looks more like OCD to me. :ahhhhh:

SGT Rock
2013-04-27, 17:13
OCD to some extent, but only about certain things like my guns and my packing list. In others I'm a total slob.

Tin Man
2013-04-27, 18:32
OCD to some extent, but only about certain things like my guns and my packing list. In others I'm a total slob.

I gave up on my spreadsheet when I found out my postal scale was off and started shopping for a better scale. I call it my wtf moment.

2013-04-27, 19:11
Looks more like OCD to me. :ahhhhh:

Have to agree. That's why we love you Rock! :)

SGT Rock
2013-04-27, 19:27
I thought it was for my good looks.

2013-04-27, 19:59
It's mostly for your Rodney Dangerfield impressions. :aetsch:

SGT Rock
2013-04-27, 20:01
No respect.

My wife, she says "take me someplace I've never been before". So I show her the kitchen.

2013-04-27, 20:32
I'm glad to know someone else who is getting total weight and base weight mixed during the discussion!

2013-04-27, 21:23
OCD to some extent, but only about certain things like my guns and my packing list. In others I'm a total slob.

He ain't lying!

2013-04-27, 21:26
He ain't lying!

'Bout the kitchen thing? :ahhhhh:

2013-04-27, 22:33
'Bout the kitchen thing? :ahhhhh:


2013-04-28, 10:35

Big Mac
2013-04-28, 11:16
I care about weight, but I don't weigh anything and couldn't tell you exactly how much my pack weighs.

2013-04-28, 11:33
Somebody recommended getting a digital fish scale that weighs into ounces that I could use to weigh backpacking stuff. And I did.

But it weighs too much to carry so I always leave it at home.

2013-04-28, 16:06
I weigh my pack but I don't go all gram weenie. I do try to watch the weight having back issues and stuff. But I also just bought a pack that weighs more than my other one but is better support for my back. I also have my own pack slave...Gungho :D

2013-04-28, 19:10
I've never been able to stomach using a spreadsheet for gear. I have weighed my stuff, mostly because I worked at an outfitter for nearly a decade. But I can put the numbers together in my head more quickly than I could knobdick with a spreadsheet. I always said that was for folks who were stuck inside too much to do much backpacking.

SGT Rock
2013-04-28, 20:17
I would plead guilty to that. If I backpacked more I wouldn't have time to screw with spreadsheets.