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2003-12-20, 01:40
http://community.webshots.com/s/image2/4/43/25/105544325beJyrC_ph.jpg I found this while searching my gazillion graphics files and thought the military types would get a kick out of it. Happy Holidays Everybody. Streamweaver

2003-12-20, 01:44
I dont know if my original post worked or not(it worked in preview) but if you cant see the image just right click on the little box and copy/paste the url. Happy holidays ,Streamweaver

2003-12-20, 18:27
This is cute. :)

2003-12-21, 13:29
Thanks Dixicritter!!! I found out that webshots doesnt allow outside posting of images for some reason. I got a diferent site Im gonna transfer the pics too ,webshots has been a pain in the butt the whole time anyway!!LOL Happy Holidays!! Streamweaver