View Full Version : Free Kindle Book

2013-05-04, 19:30
Only free for the weekend

2013-05-11, 18:35
Not finding a link to download for free at Amazon...

Hog On Ice
2013-05-11, 18:44
free ended after last weekend

2013-05-11, 21:09
Thanks. I'm on vaca. I've lost a week, dates-wise. A month to cruise around, visit friends, hike, visit relatives, hit Trail Days, hike, yippee! I hope hubby can figure out how to do his own laundry. He has discovered how to load the dishwasher (he says).

2013-05-11, 21:11
Dishwasher is easy. After the dog finishes the pre-wash just put them in.

2013-05-11, 21:31
No dog, no cat. Maybe the guys will have to lick their own dishes.

2013-05-14, 10:47
Saw the link at another forum (WB) and downloaded the free-bee (only good for one day). It is a great read. I emailed the author, Fozzie, and got a nice reply back. I wrote a review for the book for Amazon. Worth looking at!

john pickett
2013-05-14, 11:14
In my house, the dog Is the dishwasher. I use tin plates nailed to the table.