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2013-06-09, 13:09
Hi, Guys-

Some of you may have the background knowledge to advise me on this one. I want to make a 3-legged camp seat from saplings/branches, and fabric just purchased which looks like an imitation suede. I’m going to be a settler/pioneer as part of the Park Service’s living history demonstration at the BSA Jamboree. The seats will be for our “campsite.” i want them to pass for something settlers MIGHT have used. I don't know if we will have a downed tree to use as seating, so the seats are a back-up. The sapling poles should not be a big problem, nor should be lashing them together. The fabric may look enough like suede to be taken as such from a distance, especially if I can drape a piece of leather or a fur piece over each of them.

So, the input I’m seeking has to do with the seat itself. Should I stitch a casing around a triangular piece of this fabric, leaving the corners open to allow for a rope (manila, twisted), to pass through the casing and around the ends of the chair support poles? Alternatively, should I make the corners pockets, but still have a casing around the edge to hold rope for reinforcement? I’m even wondering about making the seat a double-layer and stitching some webbing inside the hem of the casing, running across the seat, but hidden on the inside.
Is this “overkill?” I don’t want the seats to rip out in use, and it would be nice to have these for car-camping in the future.

Thanks for any (serious) input. (How open do you smart guys think I will leave myself?)


Hog On Ice
2013-06-09, 14:27
here's a thread that has a few ideas: http://bushcraftusa.com/forum/showthread.php/54003-%28E%29-Student-practice-for-improvised-woods-chair

2013-06-09, 14:57
Thanks, HOI.

I want to make something very portable and compact at home that can be put up in just a few minutes, therefore the pre-sewn seat with the pre-constructed tripod legs. That 4-legged chair with the woven seat looks good, too. If I can find suitable cattail leaves, it would be a great in-camp project. I'm thinking last year's cattails might be too rotted and this year's not up enough yet, at least not here in the cold, semi-thawed north, which is one reason I hadn't started on a rush seat to just hang like a swing seat. Some 1/3" sisal or hemp could be used instead of the cattails...