View Full Version : GSMNP Storm damage on the BMT

SGT Rock
2013-06-14, 17:08
Be advised: the Baxter Creek Trail (North end of the BMT) is closed due to storm damage from yesterdays storm as well as campsite #38 which is the Mount Sterling Campsite. No status at this time as to what amount of damage they suffered or when they will be open.

Hog On Ice
2013-06-14, 18:07
wonder if the fire tower is still OK

SGT Rock
2013-06-14, 18:51
No word yet.

SGT Rock
2013-06-14, 20:30
NC Air Guard helicopter crew to attempt airlifting hiker injured in storm


john pickett
2013-06-15, 16:50
Must have been hiking pretty slow to be hit by a tree. Did it grow up under his foot?

SGT Rock
2013-06-15, 17:04
I don't know.

SGT Rock
2013-06-26, 19:11
I just got word that the Baxter Creek trail and campsite #38 are back open. The GSMNP web page is not yet updated with this info.