View Full Version : A friend hitting the AT through Mt Rogers Area, side trail recommendations

SGT Rock
2013-07-16, 21:24
A buddy at work told me he was going to hike the AT in a couple of weeks and planned to spend a few days hiking. I told him he should hit the Mt Rogers area and do some loop hiking. Any side trail recommendations? I've hiked the AT through there a couple of times and hit some of the side trails, but cannot recall any names other than the Creeper.

I think he plans to park in Damascus and hike out from there, then hike back into town.

Lone Wolf
2013-07-16, 21:50
iron mtn. trail. hike 40+ miles north on AT then hike south 20+ miles back to damascus on the iron mtn. trail where the AT crosses it. or the opposite direction

2013-07-17, 10:26
I've done the loop Wolf mentions, and it's a great hike.

Tipi Walter
2013-07-19, 17:41
First off, I'd do the AT thru Wilburn Ridge and either camp on top of Wilburn or on top of Stone Mt. Then I'd do the Pine Mt trail (which used to be the AT back in the 70's). Finally, I'd do some side trails into the Lewis Fork and Little Wilson Creek wilderness areas.