View Full Version : I've Been Everywhere (Triple Crown Edition)

2013-07-28, 09:59
I was totin' my pack along the snowy East Glacier Road
When along came a pickup with some haybales as its load.
"If you're going to East Glacier, Mack, with us you can ride."
And so I climbed into the cab and then I settled down inside.
He asked me if I'd been on trail when the snow was coming down.
And I said, "Listen, I've traveled every trail in the Triple Crown."

I've been everywhere, man
I've hiked every trail, man
Crossed the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of hikin' I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere.

I've been to Steamboat, Vernon, Lima, Snowqualmie,
Pie Town, Quincy, Rawlins, Hiawassee,
Wrightwood, Packwood, Dubois, Drakesbad,
Pinedale, Troutdale, Macks Inn, Seiad,
Winter Park, Benchmark, Manning Park, Cracker Barrel,
Helena, Salida, and Sawtelle, what the hell?


I've been to Daleville, Leadville, Burney, Andover,
Mt. Laguna, Caledonia, Anaconda, Hanover,
Rutland, Ashland, Monson, Durango,
Chief Mountain, Roan Mountain, Bear Mountain, Frisco,
Tennessee to Mojave/Tehachapi, Twin Lakes,
Grand Lake, Trout Lake, Crater Lake for Pete's sake.


I've been to Damascus, Columbus, Stehekin, Catawba,
Silverton, Silverthorne, Tahoe, and Chama,
Cascade Locks, Millinocket, Big Bear, Darby,
Yellowstone, Duncannon, Timberline, Tuolumne,
Kincora, Etna, Hachita, Donner Pass,
Sonora Pass, Muir Pass, Mather Pass kicked my ass.


I've been to Lordsburg, Gatlinburg, Pearisburg, Colorado,
Pine Grove, Lake Morena, Leadore, Waynesboro,
Boiling Springs, Warner Springs, Hot Springs, Pagosa Springs,
Ghost Ranch, Old Station, Harpers Ferry, Deming,
Idyllwild, Erwin, Green Valley, Sierra City,
Atlantic City, Silver City, Lake City, what a pity.



john pickett
2013-07-28, 21:28
That's great!
When can we see this sung on you-tube?

2013-07-28, 23:31
That's great!
When can we see this sung on you-tube?

Oh, I don't think anyone wants to hear me sing.

Hog On Ice
2013-07-29, 08:39
any one remember the AT hikers Chief and Maté from a few years ago? Maté is the woman you should get to sing your song.

2013-08-05, 09:26
I hiked with them for awhile on 07.........good people. On a side note, Shawna Tucker from DBT was one of his students

2013-08-05, 09:27
And the man knows every Harry Chapin song ever written. We hit it off right away:-)

SGT Rock
2013-08-05, 09:33
Someone needs to sing it.

2013-08-05, 14:14
I'm out

Big Mac
2013-08-05, 14:37

2013-08-05, 15:47
Not it.

2013-08-05, 18:19
Everyone wants to hear it, but nobody wants to sing.

2013-08-05, 18:33
i'll sing it, but nobody will want to hear it.

john pickett
2013-08-07, 09:04
If I could sing it without having to hear myself, I'ld give it a shot.

2013-11-08, 11:14
Maybe someday I'll record it (or more likely have a good singer record it), but in the meantime I think this song pretty much sums up hiking out West:


SGT Rock
2013-11-08, 17:17
Corb Lund is cool. One of my favorites:


SGT Rock
2013-11-08, 17:18
Another favorite... How many of us have experienced this?