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2004-01-16, 19:12
Are they worth the price and where can I find the best prices tarps?

2004-01-16, 22:18
i bought an 8 x 10 from Campmor and have used it with my hammock for extra coverage and as a tarp to sleep under. Very light and well worth a few dollars more for the weight savings and function.

2004-01-17, 00:54
I can make you a silnylon tarp for far less than the campmor prices. I can make you a 5x8 tarp for $40, an 8x10 tarp for $55, or any other size for a comparable price. Compare to $55 for a 5x8 tarp or $65 for an 8x10 tarp at campor. My tarps do NOT use grommets like the ones at campmor, but instead use nylon ties which are MUCH more durable than grommets in silnylon. The grommets do not hold in the silnylon and rip through in high winds. I also reinforce all seams and the entire perimeter with Nylon ribbon for extra wind shedding ability. I am currently making a silnylon tarp for someones Hennessy Hammock (Hex Tarp w\ catenary curves for wind resistance). If you are interested, contact me @ oes@hvc.rr.com. Check out my feedback as a seller on eBay as user OutdoorEquipmentSupplier. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brian MacMillin
Future Thru Hiker 2013

2004-01-20, 21:12
Brian - Thx. I went and got a 8X10 from Galyan's for $60. Will keep your email since I will be getting a Hennessy Hammock soon...

2004-01-20, 23:15


There are some pictures of the tarps I make for the Hennessy Hammock:). I have made a total of 8 silnylon tarps, and by the time you might be looking for a new tarp, I will have mastered the art of working with silnylon. I have adopted many new techniques and materials, and now I must master the use and patience for using them.

Brian MacMillin
Future Thru Hiker 2013

2004-01-21, 01:14
The tarps you made look great! Thx for the pics..

2004-01-21, 11:21
Brian, could you send me some pics of the hex fly you talk about? How about sending me all the stuff your making?


2004-01-21, 15:36
In stock right now I only have two 5x8 tarps. Ill take some pictures of the Hexagon Fly I just finished and post them on here. The length is 130", and its for a HH Backpacker ultralight.


2004-01-21, 21:21
Here is the custom tarp I just finished. Final weight is 11.5oz.

Length is 130" long and each side is 42" long at corners, with 4" catenary curves on the long sides and 3" catenary curves on the shorter ends. Makes for a really taught pitch, as the pictures show.

Send me a PM or email, and I will gladly do buisness!




2004-01-23, 14:14
Could you post or e-mail me some tips or tricks that you have learned from sewing sil-nylon? Also, do you know where to get the piece of nylon that goes around the tarps like the HH's have around the perimeter? I havent found anywhere to get that little quarter inch piece. Post here or e-mail me at snowsurfin951@yahoo.com.

2004-01-23, 15:54
For tips, I have a few:

Do not pin anything. The fabric moves so much that pinning is useles. Instead, always work with 6"-8" sections. For a flat felled, sew the first line of stiching, and then on the 2nd, never work with more than 8" of material.

Always keep the silnylon tensioned through the sewing machine. Dont pull it through, but keeps both layers taught enough to keep them from going through hte machine at different speeds.

For ANY seam I do on silnylon, I cover the exposed part of the seam with 3\4" Gross Grain Ribbon. It improves the life of the seam by preventing thread unraveling, and just makes it look really good. Notice the ridgeline on the pic's of the tarps I make. It is not that hard to do, and adds alot of looks to the tarp while covering up that ugly seam.

Seam seal vigerously. The sealant not only provides waterprotection, but adds some strutural strengh and prevents thread unraveling. I use GE Silicone 2 full strength, and spread it with a stiff 1\2" brush. Diluting the silicone is a pain the butt, and makes the coating too thin. I like having that extra security.

Dont underestimate the complexity of the project. If you are making a large tarp, dont try a new kind of seam on your project (like I have::rolleyes:) Keep your techniques to what you have mastered. Not done before, but can do with your eyes closed.

Take your time. I would rather spend an extra half hour making the ridgeline look good then have to scrap my project (which means lost productivity for me)

For good measure, I like to do a zigzag down my flat felled seams. I do a stich almost as wide as the seam itself (leaving about 2mm from the end of each stitch. I make it a long stitch, about 5mm long. With the gross grain ribbon on the topside of the tarp, it is not visible from the top. And looking at it from underneath the tarp, with the silicone sealant over it, it looks really cool too. A 5 min extra to top off the tarp.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Try different materials. For my tarps, I use 3\4" Gross Grain Webbing, 1" Gross Grain, 1.5" Gross Grain, 3\4" Nylon, and 1\2" polyester webbing. Each one has its own purpose:

3\4" and 1" GGR => Reinforcement of entire perimeter and all seams on tarp
1.5" GGR => Reinforcement patches on tarp
3\4" Nylon => Tie out loops
1\2" Polyester => Guy out lines

I hope these hints will help you make a better silnylon product. ENjoy the experience!

Future Thru Hiker 2013 (After grad school)

SGT Rock
2004-01-26, 08:38
I like the look of that tarp. What does it weigh and how much are you charging for those?

2004-01-26, 18:42
Im charging $80 including shipping (depending on length of the tarp wanted). Total weight with stuff sack and sealed (and without guyout lines) is 11.8oz. I am currently on at least a 3-4 week backorder, with 5 tarps currently on my list of things to do.

Brian MacMillin
oes "at" hvc.rr.com

2004-01-26, 18:49
Im also getting a light racer asym getting shipped to me (for a custom tarp). Im really curious about this hammock and how durable it seems to be.

oes "at" hvc.rr.com

SGT Rock
2004-01-28, 03:10
So a 12.75' tarp weighs about 11.8 ounces and costs $80 including seem sealing and a sack. That ain't bad. I think I need one - can you make it in Cammo :)

2004-01-28, 13:03
Currently, the only color I have the silver grey like your poncho tarp. I can custom order some brown for an extra $5. Unless you know somewhere that sells cammo silnylon. Tom Hennessy doesnt have any (Ive already tried), and neither owfinc, quest, or seattle fabrics carry it either:(. Or, I can make it out of 1.1oz urithane coated nylon for an extra $10, although Im not sure of its long term waterproofness.

Future Thru Hiker 2013 (after grad school)

SGT Rock
2004-01-28, 16:33
The brown sounds good.

2004-01-28, 17:52
ok, so $85 it is? I will order the fabric soon, and maybe I will be able to make it sooner (if I dont recieve payment from people for other tarps asap). I trust that you will pay:). Do you want it sent to you @ your home? Or in Iraq?

SGT Rock
2004-01-29, 01:36
I will be back in about April, so you can do it when you get to it. I can pay you by pay-pal or something like that. I was also wondering if you ever did tarp sacks in mesh? If not it isn't a problem, I just like that because they dry better if a little damp.

2004-01-29, 02:10
Well, I was going to order some medium weight mesh to make some pannier sacks to allow clothes drying while touring around nova scotia this summer on my bike. I will definatly have some leftover mesh, and should be able to hack up a mesh stuffsack;-).

Best Regards,
Brian MacMillin