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2004-02-10, 19:39
Thinsulate feild jacket liner (http://www.uscav.com/shop/uscitemdetail.asp?stk_code=WA16319)

Has anybody used a Thinsulate feild jacket liner ?? It says it is twice as warm as the regular liner with less bulk. I remember sarge saying he wanted to get one but I dont know if he ever did. You can get the reg liners pretty cheap but USCAV has them for 30 bucks which dont seem to bad.Mostly Im wondering if they are much warmer than the reg liners? Im also wondering what size I should get? I usually take a xxl size jacket so I think id prolly be ok with a xl so my xxl shell can fit over it. Any info ,opinions? Thanx,Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2004-02-11, 12:11
I now have both a thinsulate poncho liner and a field jacket liner.

The poncho liner is great. It was worht the money.

The field jacket liner is thinner than a normal field jaceket liner and about 2/3 the weight, but it does not feel warmer and I have considered switching back.

2004-02-11, 15:43
Hey streamweaver, I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World at Arundle Mills is in the middle of clearing out all there cold weather gear. I got silk, micro silk and therma silk long underwear's (and other way lightweight stuff)for under $10.00 and for sizes up to 4xl. They also have their version of a thinsolate field jacket liner, but I didn't price it. I was impressed with the sale that's going on at Bass Pro Shop. If you're in need of lightweight snivel gear I'd be sure to check it out cause I don't think this stuff will be there much longer. Happy Hiking

2004-02-11, 20:44
Thanks Sarge, In that case maybe Ill just go ahead and get a reg jacket liner if I can find a real surplus store that is (they want 40 bucks at Sunnys!) I think I saw em online for 15 bucks somewhere.If I got a poncho liner and added one of the conversion kits like Ranger Rick sells how warm do you think it would be as a summer sleeping bag,55-60 maybe?? I might just use one as a quilt to save a bit of weight.

Snuffleupagus73, Thanks for the heads up!! Im always looking for an excuse to go to bass Pro Shops!! I need to get some stuff for spring fishing anyway. Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2004-02-24, 09:59
Good plan. I was personally thinking that MAYBE if I carried two of them that it would indeed be twice as warm, but that sounds more expensive than it needs to be.