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2004-02-17, 14:28
Morning, all.
I have a Exped A-sym I got from REI last year. Love ah say LOVE the HH. Best night's sleep I've ever had outside. I was so stoked to finally be super light and super comfy in the shelter dept. I kept bragging to my trail buds about how good I would be sleeping,how good it would feel to crawl in after a long day of ground pounding, etc, etc. So on a 4 day trip on the PCT, I was only able to hang my HH once. My buds and I are always pranking eachother and flipping eachother s**t, and having my HH smack tossed back in my face was agony! (s'ok though-- the one talking the most s**t unwittingly hauled about 5lbs of interesting looking rocks home for my girl--you shoulda seen the look on his face when I took 'em out of HIS pack!) Tree selection was a problem-ropes need to be longer for my neck of the woods (we have HUGE trees here in WA) Longer straps wouldn't hurt either. I used my HH in the backyard so much that the ropes are starting to fray a little bit in the 'knot zone'and need replacement. So my idea is to add longer ropes (by about 50%) and Brian is gonna make me a custom sil tarp/fly so if we camp somplace where I can't hang it, I can tarp it on the ground and have enough fly to keep dry and comfy. Has anyone fiddled around with the rope attatchments? I don't wanna just tie new rope to he old ones, I don't wanna lose holding stregnth. Thanks all,

2004-02-17, 18:02
I was going to email you this, but I might as well post it here now that you've started a new thread.

There have been several people who have experimented w\ 100% spectra cord from sail-supply stores. Stuff that weighs less than the current support ropes, and is superior in strenghth and durability. I'll look into specifics for you...just thought I'd let you and everyone else know:)

oes @ hvc.rr.com