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2003-01-13, 10:17
just some thoughts about why i've abandoned whiteblaze.net in favor of this forum.

first, i was extremely pissed off at the way wb was taken off-line, but it came as no surprise. anyone paying attention had to see it coming. while most discussions on that site are very informative, there was always an undertone of negativity and often, some off the wall garbage would seep in. such is the price you pay for popularity. this is just my opinion!

second, sgt. rock took it upon himself to give wb members a place to hold discussion when there was no real confidence that wb would return. for this i'm grateful and he (and this forum) will always have my loyalty.

third, i despise large crowds (even on-line). guess that's why i love to hike in the woods.

fourth and finally (but not least), i enjoy the few people who post here.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-14, 01:18
Chief, this board is a special niche. I have started posting at WhiteBlaze again and I am glad it is there. But there is a slightly different feel here and I like it a LOT!!!

I had lurked and posted on a few other hiking boards, but didn't fit in there. They made such an issue of not wanting serious people. Since I am by nature a serious and contemplative person, I sure didn't fit in there.

White Blaze seems to have settled down and I like the mix there for the most part. But I REALLY like this board!

2003-01-14, 07:22
I agree with Chief on this issue totally. I still check out the Whiteblaze net but I seldom post anything there and don't intend to post much. There are many posts there that I don't even think about reading, if I see who posted the comment, I won't even bother reading it or the response. So much of it is basically chit-chat or far worse and I feel that most of the people there are not serious in the questions and only want to be a social gathering place to BS. I think many of them do not ever intend to thru hike or seriously do a section hike. They do not really want to know the answers to questions they just want something to chat about, or in a lot of cases to argue about. Also I agree that there does seem to be an undertone of negative attitudes. When I first started reading the forum I thought it was a very good idea and some great folks, however I feel that it has went downhill in the last months and what I see, is a lot of talkers, but do not really want or intend to change their lifestyle to hike the AT. At least not in the sense that I at least love being out there hiking, to enjoy the solitude, the oudoors, the woods, the animals and just to be alive with nature and the suroundings. Most of the folks seem to be just too social for me, and as Chief says, I too prefer it less crowded and a more serious forum where I think the people are serious about wanting answers and do intend to hike the AT.

Just my 2 cents.

I do appreciate Sgt. Rocks work and all he has done for that web site, but I think I will stay here and hopefully it will not change and keep the sincere desires and attitudes of hiking. Also agree with Sharon, that I felt as though I did not fit in but that is ok, we are all different and I never have "fit in" in most circles and to be honest I am glad I don't. If I can help someone or actually learn something that will help me in the hiking experience then I feel it is a forum that I enjoy.

Thanks Sgt. Rock for having this forum and I do wish you and Atroll the best of luck with the Whiteblaze net butI know it is going to be a lot of work and headaches for you..

Thanks once again, also thank you Sgt. Rock's better half... Critter


Ed aka, Walkerat99, NeverAlone, and Justme

SGT Rock
2003-01-14, 09:32
Howdy y'all!

I just got in last night and there are about 50+ e-mails needing my attention and a bunch of posts here I haven't had a chance to read. I'm about to go to work and get busy, so all that will have to wait until after work today.

We had a great training exercise and the troops got a lot out of it. I'm glad to see they weren't that rusty after 2 months of no field time. Currently we are working off a required tasks list that the FORSCOM commander has sent out for us to refresh train prior to a deployment, but no orders yet. Currently my regiment is doing pre-deployment training for some NG units that have been called up. Not as newsworthy as atually getting the word to go, but still vital to the effort I guess.

Thanks to all that have been posting and keeping this forum going. I plan to start changing some stuff around this weekend to make this board more of a seperate thing and not a clone of the Whiteblaze. I hope to include a trail section that covers more than just the AT and will start off with addming Louisiana Trails, Kentucky Trails, Alabama Trails, etc. Maybe a section just for Hammock campers and some other stuff I have some ideas on but nothing solid. Since all of you that continue to join despite Whiteblaze being resurrected will be the participants, I would appreciate hearing what you would like to see on a forum.

Somewhere here there is also the ability to add photos to your posts so you can show maybe a cool stove design with your post or new backpack, or whatever, would you like to see that enabled?

2003-01-14, 10:50
i apologize if this reply shows up twice, got disconnected in the middle of submitting.

anyway sarge, when/if you and your guys do get called up, just know that we're behind you 100%, regardless of our political bent.

also, i like the idea of including some other trails on this forum. we don't all live near the AT (though we love it). in my case the closest decent trail is the Black Creek Trail in MS. maybe i'll write up a report on that one.

btw - recently i've begun using your "no sniveling" thing on my friend Mary when she bitches about something. you should see the evil looks i get. :-)

Wander Yonder
2003-01-14, 14:23
Sgt. Rock, so good to see you back. I missed you!

I do love this board. It's special. And I would love to see a hammock forum (although I have the heretic Clark). :D

I am also relieved to hear that you are going to keep this board going in addition to White Blaze. I was afraid that it would fade away now that WB is back.

I am delighted with the ability to post pictures! Will get one of my stove up soon. I am so tickled with it!

I'd also like to see the different trails, but mostly as a matter of following others' adventures, since I doubt I will do trails after the AT other than the Pinhoti in Georgia and Alabama and maybe some Florida trails someday. My finances probably won't support another really long hike.

Thanks for everything you are doing at work. My heart goes out to all of you.

Justme, I agree with your hiking philosophy. To me it is all about the woods and nature. A place to drink in what is left of the wild and lose yourself in it. BTW, I am getting ready to go out for a walk. Will answer your email this evening.

Bandana Man
2003-01-14, 21:51
Whiteblaze is a great site and I enjoy reading the posts, even the occassional "BS" that sometimes goes on there. It's a fun site and I will continue to visit and post there from time to time. However, Whiteblaze is aimed at hiking the AT and it seems more intended for thru-hikers. It would be great to have a site that talks about other trails. I hope Sgt. Rock takes that approach (no pun intended) to his "Around the Campfire" site.

And, thanks for all you did in keeping Whiteblaze alive! There is a lot of tips over there I hope to use someday.

2003-02-04, 11:53
I'm gonna quit lurking here and post more over here it seems you can't say anything on WB with out pissing someone off. And I think I want to join the ranks of the hammock crowd. I'm gonna buy a HH when my bonus comes next month:D

Lone Wolf
2003-02-04, 13:25
Screw that. Say what you want and piss em off anyway. They may learn from you.

2003-02-05, 15:03
Good Idea LW