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2004-02-18, 13:55
I've been playing with my dehydrator and vaccum sealer for about a year now, just experimenting, and have come up with a few meals I really dig. I'll use either instant rice, cous-cous, or potato flakes as a carb base, then add dry soup mix, (knorr tomato&basil is a fave)dehydrated ground beef or beefalo(cooked w/onions and garlic before dehydration), TVP, and whatever herbs/spices strike my fancy (usually garlic powder, italian seasonings, sage, basil, pepper, etc)
Toss everything in a foodsaver bag, seal, and pack. I just add boiling water in camp, put the bag in a 'steeping envelope' I made from closed cell foam and aluminum tape, let sit for 10 min or so, and enjoy. I'll add butter or oil sometimes,as well as tobasco, tapatio, red curry paste, chili powder, etc. Dehydrated veggies make a nice touch too. I also repackage lipton meals, and bearcreek soups, and oatmeal in the sealer also, so I never have to wash my pot! Beats the hell out of paying $6-7 bones per meal for mtn house!
If you've GOT to have that mountain house taste, they sell #10 cans of the stuff, so you could just repackage those with the food saver too...


SGT Rock
2004-02-24, 11:06
Rosaleen has been sending me some stuff she dehydrated herself and she has been using those foil lined chip bags that she heat seals. They are vapor proof and very light besides being a cool way to recycle. You might want to see if you can do that with your sealer.

2004-02-24, 12:32
Welcome home Sgt! Thanks for the chip bag idea. Dunno if I'll use 'em for my meals (unless they can hold boiling water) but maybe I'll use em for packing spare TP or parmesan cheese or fishfoils or something. Anyway, I'll try the chip bags and report back. (Fishfoil: Aluminum foil, buttered on one side and sprinkled with herbs and spices,-- I like dill, johnny's seafood seasoning salt, pepper, and garlic salt--Just catch a fish, clean/skin it, squirt it with a lemon juice packet from KFC, seal in the fishfoil, and toss'er on the coals, flip, enjoy.) PS... not recomended in bear country...

Sgt, I know I never heard this when I was in, but thank you for shedding the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to keep us all free. If you're ever in the PacNW, come to the Tav in Ellensburg and I'll buy you a beer and the best burger to be had. Stay safe out there.
Hoo Ya!