View Full Version : BMTA reroute maintenance work call

SGT Rock
2014-02-24, 14:21

I want to thank all of you who have expressed interest in the new BMT route and might have some free time to lend a hand on it. Here is the schedule for work to be done as it stands now. I'm sure we will revise this as we go along.

March 31- April 4 - Sierra Club working on the trails local to Fontana Village. This will include the section from Welch Road up to Green Gap which is confusing now.

April 15 BMTA work Trip. Clear from power lines to Green Gap with chainsaws and maybe some brush cutting depending on how many show up.

26 April work trip BMTA members and volunteers. Brush cutting from power lines to Green Gap.

May 5-9 AHS work vacation with camping at Fontana Village. Probably working west from 251C back toward Old Field Gap Road.

24 May BMTA work trip for members and volunteers. Blazing and sign work mostly. I'm sure brush work and any new blow downs will be handled too.

May 31 opening ceremony. Probably some led hikes of the section.