View Full Version : Home on emergency leave

SGT Rock
2004-02-24, 11:16
I am home for a little while, a family situation has brought me home for a short time. I will be heading back to Iraq around the 1st of March.

While I was in Baghdad I didn't have the ability to do much to the site or forum. I am now here and can get some stuff done. If you ever wanted a trail or something added and I couldn't do it. please remind me on the forum and I will get to it if I can. My e-mail is backed up over 400 e-mails, so please don't contact me that way yet.

Take care.

2004-02-24, 12:02
Welcome back Sarge!! I hope your Sitiuation works out ok!! Ill keep this short cause Im sure you want to relax a bit,Lord knows you deserve to!! I did Email you once about a password but no need for you to respond to that ,I just went ahead and reregistered ,just had to add a 2 to my name. Take er easy!! Erik

2004-02-24, 16:46
Good to have you back for a while Rock. Been concerned about all of you guys and gals over there. Take care and God bless.


2004-02-26, 16:42
Welcome back; sorry to hear that it's on emergency leave. I have word that I'll be over there soon enough, either in Camp Doha (knock on wood) or Tikrit. Should be interesting either way.

SGT Rock
2004-02-26, 18:17
Camp Doha ain't bad. At least it wasn't in 1993 the last time I was there. I haven't heard how Tikrit is.