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2004-02-24, 16:21
Hi all,
please let me introduce myself: I am a homebuilder and rider of recumbent bicycles in Germany, age 35, location Cologne.
When I was looking for a new shelter I found a Hennessy Hammock to 'meet my needs' best. If you are interested in my first experiences with the HH and my homemade underquilt-insulator, please visit:
Any comments are welcome.

Have fun,
Wolfgang Bion alias lowrider

2004-02-24, 17:29
hello lowrider!

You should have included a link to the german pages too.

Reading interesting stuff in german really helps to keep my understanding of that language. (But don't ask me to speak, OK?) And there must be more other native germans than you in here. The text is really well written (even with the occasional typo ;) so I'm waiting for more about your bike rides (including more pics of your bikes) and hanging out in HHs.

BTW, the seatbelt huggers were cool. Will check the underquilt better too before I ask anything.

2004-02-26, 08:57
Hi blackdog!

thanks alot for your nice posting.
Nice to hear that you like my homepage. As soon as temps go up a little I will do some weekend-trips. I'll do a one-week trip end of april along the Rhine and I intend to be in sweden for 4 weeks this summer.

You will find more pics of my bikes in the 'Projekte'-Files.

Here is my url:
www.liegerad-online.de (http://www.liegerad-online.de)

Have fun!