View Full Version : ems internal frame backpack/equpment needed

2004-02-29, 11:33
hello, i just found someone selling an ems internal frame 4500 backpack, this is considered a womans pack by ems. however i found it for $35 as opposed to $199 at the store (for either the 4500 or 5500). i am really broke but leaving for the west coast this friday to do some hiking/camping for a couple months. so my qustion is: is there any reason this would not be a good pack for me (5'10" and 140 lbs.) other than the occasional snicker from some gear head??? also if someone in CT or close by has size 10.5 hiking boots/shoes,a good light tent,a good light sleeping bag, a good pack or 10.5 climbing slipper/shoes for sale cheap please let me know asap!!! thanks in advance

SGT Rock
2004-02-29, 13:04
I make my gear from trash. I could care less what the gearheads think about my stuff.

Most "Women's" packs are actually the same as men's packs, they are just made for narrower waists and shoulders. If you are a skinny person, then it should actually fit you better. As a guy that grew up with a sub 30" waist, I could never get a hipbelt that fit well or did it's job. I suppose if I would have tried a women's pack that might have been different.

2004-02-29, 14:55
hey man thanks for the reply, i was thinking kinda along the same line. also just wanted to say your site is absolutely awsome. one of the most valuable resources i have ever come across for anything not just hiking.