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river rat
2004-02-29, 14:53
Hey ya'll! I have been a lurker for some time. And since I am a recent convert to hammocking I thought I would go ahead and join the fun. I also frequent backpacker.com, and a few others.

First I gotta say Thanks to Sgt. Rock, for all the usefull information on your site. I built my first alcohol stove, used a tarp for the first time and, alas, a hammock all because of the great information on your site.

I have learned a TON from the wisdom on this and the BP boards, many of you have contributed, again, thanks.

I am from Texas, from a ranching family and background. I have been sleeping outdoors for longer than I can remember. I never considered myself to be a "backpacker", although I am. I started using a backpack to hunt out of (I am a bowhunter if you are interested) and started looking for ways to lighten my load. And now, like many of you, it is an obsession.

I have never served in the military, however I am in Iraq now with KBR (Kellog, Brown and Root), working with the Coalition Forces in AL-Kut, Iraq. That is about five hours by convoy from Baghdad in a South East direction. About 60 kilometers from the Iran Border.

Anyway, my HH, Expedition A-sym, should be here sometime in the next few weeks. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I am a little excited :)

Next time I am in Baghdad maybe I can look you up Sgt. If you can give me the specifics I will do my best.

As soon as I get a chance I will post some pictures from over here, I only have about a blue-gillion of 'em.

SGT Rock
2004-02-29, 15:36
I'm finally getting home around the end of March. If you don't make it here in a couple of weeks, I won't be here if you do later on. I didn't thinki could find a place to hang a hammock in Iraq, but I was wrong. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.

Keep your head down.

2004-02-29, 19:00
Hmm. So if I bring my HH to Iraq, I'll be able to hang it up and use it? One more thing for the packing list.

SGT Rock
2004-02-29, 21:39
I found a great spot.

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:39
Here are some pictures!

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:40
Hmmmm...Seems I can attach only one picture at a time. Very well...

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:42
These guys are over in the city of AlKut, I found them at CPA HQ. I was very surprised to see them. I have no idea when turkey season opens over here! :)

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:45
This is a picture of some pretty heavy UXO on the EOD Range out here. There are prol'y 65 or 70 such caches around this base.

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:46
Here is a cache of RPG's, sure are a bunch of these out there!

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:47
I think this is a SAM but I am not sure. Whatever it is it looks pretty deadly!

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:49
This is the smallest pump I have ever seen. That is my ball cap lying next to it and it is setting on bricks! It is pumping water out of a small well in AlKut.

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:51
OL' GLORY! This the flag pole I put up at KBR Headquarters. The tallest on base!

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:53
Iraqi wildlife, very cool camo on this critter! Blends perfectly!

river rat
2004-03-02, 07:56
This one is for you electricions out there. Care to troubleshoot this wiring panel?