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2003-01-13, 11:28
I just wanted to take a second to thank all of SGT Rock's many friends for their support and introduce myself a little bit.

Horror of horrors I am not a hiker. Seriously, my physical limitations keep me from being able to hike along side the Rock. Although it could be a blessing in disguise that we don't hike together...lol. However, I do support his need for the trail at every opportunity he can get, happily and willingly.

I am very proud of him. He's a wonderful husband, father and friend. Anyone that knows him knows he's got integrity and loyalty for all of his friends. (He's probably going to be a little embarrassed that I'm saying these things, but we all know its true. :) )

I have heard so much about so many of you that he's posted with over the years, that I feel like I know some of you already. I look forward to getting to know more of you better. I won't have many tips of my own to share, but if I remember a spot on his site that he's talked about an issue I will post a link, hope no one minds. :D

Ok that's enough rambling from me. Now post, hike and have fun. Oh and in the words of the Rock.......No Sniveling. LOL.


2003-01-13, 15:13
sarge is lucky to have you! take it from a 52 year old guy who, thru 2 marriages and several live-ins, hasn't found a supportive "other half" yet. but NO SNIVELING!

there are other things in life besides hiking and maybe you can be the voice of reason, reminding us of that and...

keep sarge in line!

2003-01-13, 17:17
LOL.....Chief, I've been trying to keep him in line for 14 1/2 years now, don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. :D ;)

2003-01-14, 22:31
Dixicritter, I understand what you mean trying to keep them in line is always a challenge lol. I have been a military wife for almost 18 years but about two years ago he went from active to the reserves and just found out he is being activated within the next 30 days so there went my hiking plans for awhile as we have two kids and a few pets. So I am hoping this can fill the hiking void. Hopefully Sgt. will stay home and get in some hiking. spirit

2003-01-15, 00:19
Spirit, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know I have no nails left to chew off hoping for him to get to complete his plans for a section hike this summer. Only time will tell at this point, and I won't start to worry until those official orders come down.

18 years.....wow. Great to meet you!! Hope you get to do some hiking soon. Maybe taking the kids along would be an option? I know SGT Rock and our kids all love it (ok maybe love it is too strong for the kids). Just a thought/suggestion there.

Not too long ago, fall time frame, he took our two boys on an over nighter. They are 13 and 4 years, this was the youngest's first time, and he loved it, but was ready to come home the next day. lol.

Anyway, good luck to you and your family!! :)

2003-01-15, 01:58
glad to meet you. i grew up in the service entering in 1969 at the ripe old age of 17 when i should have been finishing my junior year in high school. i picked up a young beautiful bride in '74 (she was 19) and we've been busting the oods ever since. four children later and countless duty stations we look back on the moves and the communities we've met. lifelong freindships were cultivated at every station. most will never appreciate the closenes of the service community and sadly it is their loss. now living in the place i was born we laugh every time my daughter says nobody knows where kodiak, alaska(the town she was born in) is. cherish what the service has to offer. too soon it is behind you and only another memory.


LT. Bill

2003-01-15, 09:24
Nice to meet you slabfoot. I'm sure that once we finally "settle down" someplace, that I'll miss the "OMG we've gotta move where?" times. So far I must say the army life hasn't been too bad. For me its all about what we make of a place, not the place itself. I can even make do here at the ohhhh sooooo lovely Fort Polk, or as I like to call it Fort in the middle of nowhere land. :D

Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 10:52
Dixiecritter, since retiring from the Navy, hubby's civilian job has moved us 4 times! I don't think I'll ever know where I will end up!

BTW, it is really nice to have a hiker spouse posting. It's great to have that perspective. :)

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 10:54
That is what I told her. I even offered to set up a whole new forum devoted to the non-hiking suport at the homebase. I figured there are probably non-hiking husbands out there supporting hiking wives as well. Does Hammock Hanger's husband ever hike?

Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 10:58
Sgt. Rock, HH's husband used to hike with her, but then he decided to go back to work and can't go with her now. At least, I think that's what I read in her journal!

2003-01-15, 11:00
Thank you Sharon. I'm trying to post more. :) I have a couple other boards I keep up with as well as some Moderator duties on one.

I think a forum for non hiking spouses is a good idea too. I'm sure I can't be the only one.....or can I? lol

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 11:02
Just added

2003-01-15, 12:22
the at home person supporting a long distance hiker is very important and must understand what is needed ...I use a lot of mail drops as i have certain foods and things that i want out on the trail that are not available in small supply stores( I'm a vegan except for fish)( i "have to" have my type of olive oil and where can you buy curried lentils on the trail?).. so my mail drop coordinator is very crucial.. I also have some medical needs that must be taken care of and meds shipped to me that have to be temp controlled during transit and shipped overnight ...,I could not make any long distance hikes with out this person..so this is great that there is a forum to share ideas amongst these essential at home hiking partners!

2003-01-15, 14:18
Well I'm fairly certain SGT Rock will agree with you there smokymtnsteve. I know its helpful for him to get maildrops when he wants them. And if something came up and he needed something overnighted, I'm here and can take care of that for him.

Glad to hear you have a support person as well. Hoping more supporters will join in.