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2014-11-16, 21:06
For those of you not on FB, they found Ben Newkirk's body.

Pretty shitty day.

Lone Wolf
2014-11-16, 21:40
who is that?

2014-11-16, 21:41
For those of you not on FB, they found Ben Newkirk's body.

Pretty shitty day.
Sucks. Hard on the rescuers too. Sounds like he went further than the reported 200'. Maybe 8-900'. I doubt he survived the fall.

2014-11-17, 01:27
who is that?

Hiker. Friends with Jester and a lot of others. Only 39 years old.

SGT Rock
2014-11-17, 05:40
Wow. I just heard about this. Isn't he Smooth Criminal from "Wizards of the PCT"?

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2014-11-17, 10:17
Damn, that sucks. I really hate to hear that. My heart goes out to him and Jester

SGT Rock
2014-11-17, 17:27
Me too. Though I've not met him, I've watched Wizards of the PCT so many times I kind of got to feel like some of those people are trail friends. I remember he is the one that slowed down with SOL when her knee got messed up and finished the trail with her late. I've had this secret hope that I'll met up with some of those people on a trail somewhere someday and shake their hand.

He will be missed.

SGT Rock
2014-11-17, 22:16


2014-11-18, 10:34
He seems like they kind of guy you'd just enjoy being around. Sad for his friends and family.

SGT Rock
2014-11-18, 12:38
I made this its own thread. RIP Smooth, my condolences to his family and friends. I think tonight I'll watch Wizards of the PCT again.