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2015-01-03, 00:14
Anyone have any patterns they'd be willing to share? Also, I'm hoping to utilize some recycled down from some thrift store scores. Any tips? :-)

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2015-01-20, 00:27
Hey David, you should spend some time on hammockforums.net. There are a lot of great resources for building an under quilt. Also lots of great articles on how to recover recycled down.

I finished my 3/4 quilt recently and I'm really happy with it. It's not necessarily an easy project, but it's one you'll be really happy with once you're finished. Sewing the baffles and repurposing the down are probably the hardest parts. I've had mine down to 22 weather so far and been very comfortable.

I've seen some of your YouTube videos so I know you're not afraid of DIY projects. Thanks for putting those videos up by the way.

Good luck with the project, hope you make something you like.



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SGT Rock
2015-01-20, 00:32
Nice quilt

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2015-01-20, 01:10
Thanks. Taking out again in a couple of weeks. A little cold weather backpacking and hopefully some fishing. Cheers

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2015-01-20, 07:43
wow looks great

2015-01-20, 09:47
These may help: http://www.cwhammocks.com/diy-underquilt-instructions/



2015-01-20, 14:12
Nice find on these Roche. I also remember spending a lot of time at "Stick's Blog". He did a good job of documenting his work.


2015-01-20, 14:27
Google is your friend. :cguru:

2015-01-21, 11:19
David, I completely forgot about an awesome resource for anyone building an underquilt. Check out this spreadsheet:


This thing will help immensely with all your measurements. Save a copy and start configuring for what you're going to make.

Good luck

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SGT Rock
2015-01-21, 12:48
That is pretty cool