View Full Version : WTB Neoair

2015-01-12, 14:49
Hey, Gang-

I have hubby talked into finally taking me to Hawaii, making good on his promise of a "Hawaiian Honeymoon," nearly 45 years late...

*I* want to camp for at least part of this trip, so I'm looking for a Therm-a-Rest Neoair for him. The large Xlite would be great, but since I plan to make a sheet for it, a regular would work if I sew extender pockets into the sheet's sides.

Is anyone looking to sell or rent one? If a rental, I will throw in the sheet I make for the NeoAir when I send the mattress back. I doubt he will use the mattress as many as 5 nights.


2015-01-14, 11:51
FYI, Neoair Trekker for sale.


2015-01-14, 12:44
Thanks, Roche-

I found a new Trekker on-line for $72 and jumped on the order. I'd already been outbid on eBay for a Neoair Xlite and Campmor sold out of some irregulars before the auction ended. Now there is a chance a friend will sell or lend one to me, too. Sometimes ya just gotta go for things, buyers remorse or not. I can always sell the Trekker, if needed, or give it to one of my sons for travel or the rare times they camp.