View Full Version : Parking near Thunder Rock Campground

Traffic Jam
2015-02-28, 08:27
I need overnight parking suggestions close to Thunder Rock campground. It doesn't open until 4/1. Thank you.

SGT Rock
2015-02-28, 12:36
The camp doesn't open but the parking lot next to it is open.

Hog On Ice
2015-02-28, 13:10
it is also possible to park near the TVA power plant just before crossing the small bridge - did that once when campground and its parking area was shutdown due to politics

Traffic Jam
2015-02-28, 17:39
Thanks, that's what I needed to know.

2015-02-28, 17:45
There is a parking area next to the shower house just as you enter the complex. It is not part of the campground. I parked there for six days while hiking the southern 93 BMT miles.