View Full Version : Hammock for Havasupai?

2004-03-11, 14:06
Posted this in the Arizona Trail[s] section without result; posting again here to see if I can get some answers.

Anyone who's hiked to Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, and used their hammock? Looks like I'll be taking the hike in April or May and I need to know whether to take the tent or the hammock.

Based on my limited knowledge of the South Rim and similar country around Moab, I'm inclined to say no to the hammock, but then again, I've gone places where I didn't expect trees and found cottonwoods and other trees that worked great with the HH.

Please let me know. Thanks for the help!

2004-03-11, 17:07
My daughter and I hiked down there last june and camped at the campground for a couple days. most of the sites will accomodate a hammock or two the trees being rather plentiful along the stream. I saw a hammock strung between two trees bowing out over the stream for a very cool setup. temps june 18 th last year 100 plus degrees.about 75 to 80 at nite, sum mosquitos near stream and springs no rain or breeze while we were there. beautiful waterfalls and cool(58 degree)swimming under the falls.


2004-03-13, 06:58
Practice setting up the hammock without trees. With a little imagination a hammock can be successfully set up in a variety of places without trees. Use two 4 1/2 foot poles tied together in an A shape at each end which is then tied out with a guy line. I would never leave the hammock behind, they are just great.