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SGT Rock
2015-05-11, 13:19
Howdy all,

I don't know what is going on lately, but I have been getting a great deal of traffic hitting the site. I just had to upgrade the server plan in order to continue staying on the web. I guess this is a good problem LOL. In the past I've tried to keep the site commercial free but if costs keep going up I may start selling adds on the site. No decision yet, but it is a possibility.

For some reason this simple change in service has made some page display screwy. It will take some time to sort out and unfortunately they have been working me 60+ hours for the last few weeks, so it may stay screwy for a while until I can get some time to work on it.

Thanks for understanding.

2015-05-11, 14:15
Please let us know when you will give in and start accepting donations! We're ready and more than willing.

2015-05-11, 14:46
Its prolly an attack from ISIS.

2015-05-12, 11:14
Its prolly an attack from ISIS.

I'm locked and loaded.

SGT Rock
2015-05-12, 11:57
Me too.

2015-05-12, 13:33

SGT Rock
2015-05-12, 21:43

2015-05-12, 22:19
It's always about a squaw one way or another.

SGT Rock
2015-05-13, 07:05
I may take up teepee living

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